Last Reviewed: 16 Jan 2021

Our Commitment

Barclay Training Services acknowledges health, safety, quality and environmental matters are fundamental elements of its Business Management responsibilities promoting them as Company Core Values. Our objectives and targets shall comply with current health, safety and environmental Legislation, Guidance, Industry Standards, accepted “Best Practice “and other requirements. These shall be set so they are given equal status with other primary drivers of the business. Management will then provide the framework for setting and reviewing policy and objectives.

Our Goals

In order to consistently meet the commitment stated in this policy, Barclay Training Services has established a series of performance standards and a framework of documented processes related to the management of occupational health, safety, environmental protection and quality. A defined organisational structure and the provision of adequate resources with clear responsibilities and accountabilities, shall allow for the effective implementation of this policy throughout the organisation. The HSEQ Policy Statement shall be reviewed on an annual basis.

Primary elements including processes to:

  • Provide occupational health, safety, environmental and quality management systems that are regularly reviewed and verified for effectiveness against the required standards.
  • Ensure the availability of a well-informed, trained and competent work force. All trainers, assessors and internal quality assurers (IQAs) are familiar with this policy and all related documents
  • Provide equipment that is fit for purpose. Regularly maintained, in good working condition and is appropriately certified.
  • Ensure that the workforce is given the training, information and support to assist them in their duties as a primary link with management in the development and implementation of HSEQ policies.
  • Provide for effective reporting and investigation of accidents, incidents and near misses to ensure identification of immediate and root causes, implementation of preventative actions, effective feedback and sharing of key lessons
  • Meet the requirements of our customers by competitive pricing, delivering a service of high quality and by sharing the results of technical innovation where appropriate with them.
  • Support continual improvement by monitoring and reviewing occupational health, safety, environmental and quality performance, capturing and tracking each improvement opportunity to satisfactory close-out, feeding back results as appropriate.
  • Commend any employees and others who exercise their right to challenge and stop activities which may have a detrimental effect on health and safety, the environment, or the integrity of equipment and facilities.

Charlie Barclay
Business Owner